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Nom Nom Nomogram

A variety of older technologies fascinate me, but I am particularly fond of slide rules.  I believe my fascination follows this course of reasoning: Suppose Y2K did shut down all of our computers and computer automated processes, with a slide rule we wouldn’t be sent back to the Iron Age, but rather the 1940s or 1950s.  If you ignore the second World War and fear of communism – those times did not seem so bad.  Among other things, slide rules were most helpful in landing on the Moon and returning a crippled space craft safely.  Quite simply, I am impressed by the wide range of what a slide rule can do.

I have recently become intrigued with another analog computation device called the nomogram.  A slide rule is a general calculator, while the nomogram is a graph which provides a quick answer from a complex calculation.

In nursing & medicine we use nomograms frequently for tracking and calculating weight & height & BMI, medicine administration, and more.  I was not aware of their varied calculations until I came across this 2010 calendar and a website, Dead Reckoning, featured on Make.  The blog is very fascinating and I can only hope there is a 2011 calendar featuring elegant-but-lost math.  I’m tired of looking at my pin-up girls calendar.  That’s not true.

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  1. Eugenia on said:

    Om nom nom

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