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My previous attempt to learn to program and code was met with failure.   I have been far more successful; however, while learning to code with Codecademy.  The main reason I failed was because I did not have a friend to code with.

Now that he’s back from vacation I see nothing but success!

Actually, the reason why I failed before was from the fact I did not make enough time to watch the lectures and do the homework. Pretty obvious reason for failure, right?  The silver lining to this failure is that I realized my programming needs are vastly different than those who plan to make a living with a computer science degree. I just wanted to learn to program so I can make a roomba do something that does not suck.

What I like about Codecademy is how thoroughly everything is broken down. While this is likely aggravating for someone becoming a computer engineer, for the man who brought you the ifelsefor it is appreciated.  I am also a big fan of their forums to allow users to post questions and I like their use of the see one, do one model to check for understanding.

For someone like me with rudimentary knowledge of coding, there are no drawbacks to Codecademy.  Once I work my way through the tracks I’ll have learned Javascript, Python, and HTML (which as I understand it is not actually a language despite having language in the name).  Even for someone with more advanced skills there are perks to Codecademy; namely, you can create lessons to teach others to code.  How better to check your own mastery than to see if you can explain it to someone else?

All in all, I am pretty pleased with the progress I’ve made so far with Codecademy and I’d recommend it for others who are interested in coding.


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2 thoughts on “Speaking your language

  1. HTML is a markup language, not a programming language. You can’t write a program in HTML. (If you could, nobody would have bothered inventing JavaScript.)

  2. sleuthmilanowski on said:

    Similarly, jellyfish are neither jelly nor fish. Don’t even get me started on the tufted titmouse.

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