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After an exciting camping trip last year in Morgan-Monroe State Forest, my friend T. Rex and I decided to have annual outings. T. Rex’s wife was coming to Las Vegas for a convention and T. Rex figured this to be the perfect time for an adventure at Red Rock.

As I live 4.5 hours away my plan was to ride a Greyhound Bus to Vegas. Multiple bus failures meant stranded passengers. The stranded passengers were placed on the bus I had booked and consequently I was bumped from the ride.

Buses do not scramble nearly as well planes and the next bus was due in 13 hours. It would bring me into my destination 24 hours later than anticipated. After calculating the cost-benefit ratio I opted to drive to Vegas.

If my plan to ride the bus was subverted, then others’ plans to ride the bus were ruined as well. One rider was Keiko, a Japanese woman who came to the American Southwest because she saw The Lone Ranger. I was meeting a friend in Vegas that morning while she was meeting a plane to take her back home to Tokyo. The 13 hour late bus meant she would miss her flight by 8.5 hours. I offered her a ride and she yes and-ed by buying me coffee. With a full gas tank and an international passenger the die was cast.

After I said, “konichiwa” my Japanese language skills were spent. Her English skills were thankfully on the border of conversational. We discussed our jobs (she’s a film art director), hobbies (she loves movies and travel), and favorite foods (we love all of them).

The rest of the drive was unremarkable. A fuel stop here and a pit stop there and in no time we were at McCarran International Airport with plenty of time to spare.

The time in Red Rock was awesome and I am glad I did not delay waiting for another Greyhound Bus. I am also grateful for poor bus maintenance. If it weren’t for a bus breakdown, then how would I have had the opportunity to offer a ride to a fellow stranded traveler who came to America because of Depp & Hammer? You never know what events will transpire to get you home to your next adventure.


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