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Love me tinder, love me true

My wife went out of town three weeks ago, so guess who got a Tinder account? Our greyhound, Cesium.

 photo BE8E924C-B713-4BD9-8A01-F0D9661D05DD_zpse6qofmi9.jpg

His bio 

I hope my forwardness does not give you paws, but I am into heavy petting. Life’s ruff so I am not going to hound you, but you would be barking mad to not swipe right. So, what do you say? Want to find out who is a good boy?

To date he has 24 matches and seems to be doing well for himself.

 photo 55066711-E857-42F8-9975-B57115E9938E_zps1f8iscyl.jpg

 photo 128C6D3D-A3E4-4CE5-B116-C8CA5B63874D_zpspsf2kbqg.jpg

 photo 96F91EC9-9F0A-4532-A573-D2931AD607B8_zpsv3nu8sre.jpg

Most of the women seem to think he is a good boy.

 photo 16174988-F889-4B40-B585-449F4BECDAA0_zpsgzm1492h.jpg

 photo 83C1160E-5E3C-4644-AD11-6A76A94386DA_zpsb6dlcwuv.jpg

He has met a lot of women, but has acquired no bitches.


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