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Dressing Up

Stranger danger can never truly exist with six degrees of separation. Yet we tell children not to take candy from strangers (even though strangers have the best candy). This is what makes Halloween so great; you are encouraged to ignore social conventions. You may take candy from strangers. You may wear ridiculous costumes. Females may dress like ladies or tramps. You may dunk your head in a tub full of water and apples . . . I’m actually a little confused by that one.

Apple bobbing aside, my favorite aspect of Halloween is the costumes. Yet, for some, coming up with a costume can cause undue anguish. Over the years I have suggested costumes for Halloween. One year I even created a flow chart. Like a long running sitcom, I am out of ideas, and much like a long running sitcom my cop out is a clip show. Listed below in Trivial Pursuit-like categories are some of my costumes of Halloweens past. I have applied photos where I can, but there are not many as it turns out I hate memories.

Art & Literature:

  • Snoopy: As a little kid I was fascinated by dogs and the Red Baron. It seemed like an obvious choice when I was 5.
  • Waldo: Twice. In both elementary school and college I wore blue jeans, a red and white knit cap, a red and white shirt, and a cane. The second time around, the cane had a sword in it. I am not sure Waldo’s cane had a sword in it, but you can never be too prepared.
  • Gambit: The X-Man threw playing cards at Sentinel robots to destroy them. I threw playing cards at people and annoyed them. Sounds about right.


  • Ghostbusters: When I was 6 I went around saying my name was Egon. My life’s goal at that age was to become a Ghostbuster. Although I no longer fit into my Venkman jumpsuit, I realize not too much has changed. My college chem notes do not refer to valence shell electrons but rather, I have doodles about proton packs.
  • Solid Snake: This costume is easily one of my favorites as I have found memories of the Metal Gear games on the NES and Playstation. In addition to molding my own grenades and dying my own tactical vests, I created a suspender system to let me wear a cardboard box when not hiding in it to avoid enemy guards. That year, SOG and I won a Halloween costume contest for SOG & Benji in a box.

That year, we won Sexiest Costume for SOG & Snake in a box.

  • Groucho Marx: This was my cheapest costume. I donned a suit I already owned, grabbed a cheap cigar, and applied a grease paint mustache. I went around hitting on women and insulting everyone else.

Science & Technology

  • iPod Silhouette: I wore all black and dance to the Spice Girls while having a PowerPoint presentation of different colors flashing. By adding an iPod to the outfit it became a costume rather than something I do on a Saturday night.


  • Upside Down M&M: My grandma made an M&M costume for a variety of my cousins. I wanted one, but I wanted the M sewn upside down. My grandmother indulged me. They are great for that.
  • Operation Board: I cut out felt pieces to match those found on an Operation board and velcroed them to a set of scrubs. I was actually trying to study for an anatomy test, but it ended up being a costume once I learned no one should have a glowing nose.

Not a great shot of the costume, but a great shot of Benji on T. Rex dressed as Benji

I am not sure if this will serve as inspiration for costume ideas, but the last photo has certainly given me some inspiration if you know what I mean . . . I’m going to go as myself.  Well, my evil twin.  I just need to grow a handlebar mustache.  If you’ll excuse me, my schedule just filled up.


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