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You’re Not The Bus Of Me

After an exciting camping trip last year in Morgan-Monroe State Forest, my friend T. Rex and I decided to have annual outings. T. Rex’s wife was coming to Las Vegas for a convention and T. Rex figured this to be the perfect time for an adventure at Red Rock.

As I live 4.5 hours away my plan was to ride a Greyhound Bus to Vegas. Multiple bus failures meant stranded passengers. The stranded passengers were placed on the bus I had booked and consequently I was bumped from the ride.

Buses do not scramble nearly as well planes and the next bus was due in 13 hours. It would bring me into my destination 24 hours later than anticipated. After calculating the cost-benefit ratio I opted to drive to Vegas.

If my plan to ride the bus was subverted, then others’ plans to ride the bus were ruined as well. One rider was Keiko, a Japanese woman who came to the American Southwest because she saw The Lone Ranger. I was meeting a friend in Vegas that morning while she was meeting a plane to take her back home to Tokyo. The 13 hour late bus meant she would miss her flight by 8.5 hours. I offered her a ride and she yes and-ed by buying me coffee. With a full gas tank and an international passenger the die was cast.

After I said, “konichiwa” my Japanese language skills were spent. Her English skills were thankfully on the border of conversational. We discussed our jobs (she’s a film art director), hobbies (she loves movies and travel), and favorite foods (we love all of them).

The rest of the drive was unremarkable. A fuel stop here and a pit stop there and in no time we were at McCarran International Airport with plenty of time to spare.

The time in Red Rock was awesome and I am glad I did not delay waiting for another Greyhound Bus. I am also grateful for poor bus maintenance. If it weren’t for a bus breakdown, then how would I have had the opportunity to offer a ride to a fellow stranded traveler who came to America because of Depp & Hammer? You never know what events will transpire to get you home to your next adventure.


Chinle Pow Wow

A few weekends ago I went to a pow wow at the Chinle Fair.  Various tribes from as far as Oklahoma came to sing and dance and share their traditions. As I hate memories I did not take any photos or videos, but another nurse I was with did.

Find Your Why

I keep having this conversation.

Colleague: “Do you live in Winslow?”

Benji: “Yes, I just moved here from Indiana.”

Colleague: “Why?”

Benji: “To work for the IHS?”

Colleague: “Why?”

Google Reader has been read

First they came for Google Notebook, and I didn’t speak out because I used pen and paper.

Then they came for Google Health, and I didn’t speak out because I used a spreadsheet to track my health

Then they came for Google Wave, and I didn’t speak out because like others I wasn’t sure what it was for.

Then they came for Google Reader, and now I am not sure I know how to read the Internet.

Google Reader is a ritual for me. Men of yesteryear read the newspaper first thing in the morning; I had Google Reader.  It effortlessly brought me news, satirical news, updates on my friend building a program to play bridge, and all the cat videos I could stand.

I know – all things are impermanent. And I have heard all the axioms before:

  • The problem with being a user is that you are only a user.
  • If the service is free then you are the product.

I also know that Google is a search company which provides data to advertisers, but it felt like this is one of a few products Google nailed. It was simple and elegant.

I feel you, Adolf.

For a rainy day

I’m one of those guys who likes to buy his way into the hearts of children who are his relatives.

I could spend quality time with my nieces and nephews, but like Joe Fox, Tom Hank’s character from You’ve Got Mail, I prefer to buy their love. For my niece’s most recent birthday, I gave her something for a rainy day.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The money is held in place by paper clips. The paper clips are simply linked onto the umbrella’s stretchers.

Pun For All Ages!

Tom Wilson, oft remembered as Biff from Back To The Future, performs a song about homonyms.  I like to believe the whole reason we are educated is so that we can create songs and other media like this to promote being further educated.

SOPA My Windows

On January 18 of 2012, Reddit, Wikipedia, and a handful of other websites are going offline to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  Without Wikipedia, many students will have to actually do research.  Some may even learn what a library is.  I know I will actually do my job rather than read about zebras.

Google and its services will remain online.  This a shame because some institutions would be utterly lost without Gmail and its services.  It is also a shame because this is the one chance for Hotbot, Lycos, and Ask Jeeves to make a comeback.

Shades of Grey

Sasha Grey, a former pornographer, read to children in a California school.  Some parents were outraged.  I imagine the parents found out about her when a dad said, “She’s a porn star. So, I’ve heard . . . from a church group”.

While Grey is very intellectual and a proponent for reading, I do wonder why she was selected because it seems pretty obvious there would be calamity.  My presumption is that all the firefighters who would read to children were busy making a booster calendar

I'd like to read to kids, but I have a kitten to rescue and January to spice up


That said, the logic is faulty behind not wanting Grey to read to children.  She has had sex, sometimes on camera and sometimes with multiple people, which I would argue most of the staff of the school has done as well.  There are worse people to read to her, like the firefighters above; they’re not wearing their personal protective equipment properly.

Bright Idea

Incandescent light bulbs will not be phased out.  While most people have no opinion on this matter there were large celebrations from bakers who strictly use an Easy Bake Oven.  The Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 called for incandescents to be phased out in favor of more efficient bulbs.  Rep. Joe Barton (R) introduced the BULB Act and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) introduced Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act, so people have the freedom to purchase what they want.  Meanwhile, homosexuals cannot marry in 44 states, but they can screw whatever bulb they want.

Fowl Content

Like Daniel from The Karate Kid, I learned the crane technique.  Unlike Daniel-San, I learned to fold the excess paper from a Netflix envelope into a crane.  You can learn to fold boxes, cups, and shirts (they’re freshly pressed) from this site: Netflix Origami

For my next trick, it will appear in the recycling bin.

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