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Engines may still wear a cowl

I receive most of my news from Wikipedia which is typically reliable unless the news pertains to chickens.  I learned France recently prohibited wearing burqas and niqabs.  Wearing a chador or hijab is still perfectly kosher halal.  In case you were wondering what the difference between the various modes of dress allow me to give a brief overview.

Burqa: Covers the entire body with mesh over the eyes.

Niqab: Covers the entire body with a thin slit for the eyes.

Chador: Covers the body but leaves the face bare.

Hijab: Covers the hair and neck.

The last two are still legal because they do not cover the face.  So with a variety of options why would a Muslim woman pick one over the other?  Because of varying interpretations of the Quran.  The Quran states men and women should dress modestly.  A line mentions women lowering their gazes – some take this to mean they should wear a veil.  Others view it as a misinterpretation or allegory.

The implications of the law on religious freedom, and the affects of a religion’s requirements on personal freedoms are beyond the scope of this article.  I simply wanted to state a niqab makes me think of a ninja who did not cinch her uniform tightly to her body.


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