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Does this pole still work?

Slowly, but surely we are becoming settled in our new house.  We still have many things to unpack, but the process is moving along.  It would go a lot faster if two situations were remedied before our move.

1. The previous owners cleaned the place before they moved.

2. We had proper organizational furniture e.g. bookcases.

When I mention cleaning the place, I mean it in the loosest of terms.  While we used a carpet steamer several times and we used a feather duster which would have made French maids jealous, I did not expect this from the previous occupants.  I did expect them to dispose of all the trash they left in the garage.  I was also hoping the dish washer would not be full of their cups and spoons.  And maybe I was asking too much of them to not leave two used and full litter boxes.  I do not need to bring in a panel of judges on this one; I’m going to call it a dick move to leave complete and utter garbage to the people you just sold a house.

The other, previously mentioned snag is our lack of useful furniture like bookcases.  Normally, I would not care about having appropriate furniture.  Stacked milk crates make awesome bookcases and desks.  With everything scattered about though, it will slow down other goals like installing a fireman’s pole off the balcony.

Inspiration for a fireman’s pole came from Ghostbusters, easily one of the greatest movies ever which can be watched on YouTube.  No word on whether we will get an old ambulance to become Ecto-1, although my current room mate is in need of a new vehicle.


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