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I’d love a Feynman-like Career

There is really no doubt that XKCD has had an impact on peoples’ lives.  100% of the reason I have a chess board with pieces glued to it is because of XKCD.  I can only imagine how my career would have turned out if I read Randall Munroe’s recent post about every major being terrible.

Several people have put the comic to music.

Here is a Modern Major General version

And just for fun Tom Lehrer singing about the periodic table of elements


Be Listening To You

The band from Boston, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, created a shot for shot remake of the Prisoner’s opening title sequence in their music video, “Arrival”.  They also have a six track CD, but the second track frequently changes.

Anyone do Mission Possible in Sci-O?

I did.  And this Rube Goldberg device from OK-Go and SyynLabs puts it to shame.  Sure, I popped three balloons in a minute, but it was not synchronized to music.

This summer, I am clearing out my garage and recreating this video.  Or, maybe I will just clear out my garage because it needs to be cleaned.  Either way.

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