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Bohemian Gravity

Had I the ability to the sing I would have made this years ago. All I would have needed was the ability to sing. And know physics. And the ability to make sock puppets. But I could have totally made this years ago.

Awesome cover and physics lesson.


Going, going, gone

J.E. Mainer was born in 1898 and grew up in North Carolina.  He learned to play the banjo and fiddle and recorded hundreds of bluegrass and country songs.  In 1937 he recorded “Miss Me When I’m Gone”.

There are slightly fewer cups heard in that version than this one recorded by Anna Kendrick.

Also, I presume because everyone was smacking their cup like that they wanted a refill. She’s going to have to work hard for those tips.

Axl Rose Teaches Guns N’ Butter

When rap meets School House Rock you learn the fiscal advantages of shopping at a thrift store.

Rap not your thing? Here’s a version with big band sound.

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