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Got some space junk in your payload bay

The thousands of satellites and other low Earth orbiting objects are cause for concern i.e. they could interfere with other space flights.  To counteract this problem, the Global Aerospace Corporation struck GOLD, or the Gossamer Orbit Lowering Device.

GOLD is a balloon which is affixed to a satellite and then inflated.  It thereby causes the orbit to decay and the satellite to burn in the Earth’s atmosphere.  I am not sure how big of a problem space junk is, or if this is a viable solution, but on the plus side there is finally a use for the leftover Rovers now that Number 6 drove off the island.


NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program

The Simpsons taught me the only ship worth a damn is friendship.  They may be right, but damns do not pay for anything.  That’s why my favorite ship is Scholarship – it can pay for school.  NASA is putting up money for your college education if you study a form of engineering, metallurgy, physics, mathematics, or computer science.  If study one of these fields you might as well as apply for the NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program because it will only cost you your time and let’s face it, you are already wasting that time reading this online journal.

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