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Shades of Grey

Sasha Grey, a former pornographer, read to children in a California school.  Some parents were outraged.  I imagine the parents found out about her when a dad said, “She’s a porn star. So, I’ve heard . . . from a church group”.

While Grey is very intellectual and a proponent for reading, I do wonder why she was selected because it seems pretty obvious there would be calamity.  My presumption is that all the firefighters who would read to children were busy making a booster calendar

I'd like to read to kids, but I have a kitten to rescue and January to spice up


That said, the logic is faulty behind not wanting Grey to read to children.  She has had sex, sometimes on camera and sometimes with multiple people, which I would argue most of the staff of the school has done as well.  There are worse people to read to her, like the firefighters above; they’re not wearing their personal protective equipment properly.


Swearing Cures Insomnia

I have fond memories of my dad reading stories from Childcraft Encyclopedias before I went to bed.  I am not sure it helped me sleep, but it did cement my love for reading encyclopedias.  I likely would have slept better if there was more swearing like in Adam Mansbach’s book, Go The F**K To Sleep.

If you are too lazy to read it to your child, you can always have Samuel L. Jackson read it to them.  The only way to improve this book is to have Morgan Freeman read it. The audio book is available for free from Audible.  It can also be viewed on YouTube.

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