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Cheers to Dad’s Root Beer

07 July 2009, Corrie and I purchased root beer to enjoy and quench our desert thirsts.  The root beer tasted like popcorn flavor of Jelly Belly.  Preferring my root beer to taste like sarsaparilla, I sent an email to Dad’s Root Beer detailing the awkward taste their product induced.

Andrea Hedinger sent me a response stating there was an issue with the carbonation which affected the taste, but was not harmful for human consumption.  After she reassured me, she then stated she would send me two bottles to replace our Orville Redenbacher root beer.  Today, I received two 1-liter bottles of root beer in the mail.  Dad’s Root Beer is clearly about customer satisfaction and instant gratification, well, as instant as you can get through the U.S. Postal Service.


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