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Parallel parking became so much easier

The fifth episode of the mini series From the Earth to the Moon is about the design and construction of the Lunar Module (LM).  It went through scads of design changes.  One such change was to move from two docking hatches at 90 degrees from one another to one docking hatch at the top of the vehicle.  Ergo, the astronauts looked forward when landing on the Moon and up when docking with the Command Module (CM).

Looking forward to land means you have to rotate your controls 90 degrees when docking.  Your left roll becomes left yaw, left yaw becomes right roll, right roll becomes, well you get the idea.

Rather than adjust the control scheme, the solution to this problem was that “the astronauts are smart and they’ll figure it out”.  With such a lengthy build up I present to you First Person Tetris.  Rather than having the main piece rotate, your screen orientation rotates around the main piece.  Tricky at first, but you’re smart, you’ll figure it out.


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